Top 5 Australian Batsman

We discussed today’s all-time top 5 greatest batters in cricket in Australia.

1.  Sir Donald Bradman (Top 5 Australian Batsman)

Bradman is a big name, big name, and future big name. He is 1st one of the Top 5 Australian Batsmen. On August 27, 1908, Bradman was born in Cootamundra, New South Wales. The national team debuted him on November 28, 1928, Against England. From the 1930s to 1940, he became the greatest cricketer. In 1930 Don Bradman scored 930 in single test series; besides, he scored 309 in one innings on July 11, 1930. Overall, Don bats 52 matches and 80 innings; he was a successful batsman, scoring 29 centuries. His top score was 334 vs. England in 1930. His batting average is 99.94, just under 100. It is still the best average of all-time international cricket. In his career, he got 6996 runs. His last Test was against England at Kennington Oval on August 14, 1948.

Top 5 Australian Batsman
                                                                                                            Sir Donald Bradman


2. Ricky Ponting

(One of the important in Top 5 Australian Batsman)

Ricky Thomas Ponting is an Australian Right-hand batsman, born December 19, 1974, in Launceston. He debuted in test cricket vs. Sri Lanka the date was December 8, 1995. Ponting comes into 2nd number of top 5 in Australian cricketers. ODI debuted vs. South Africa on February 15, 1995. And T20 debuted vs. New Zealand in 2005. Ricky was one of the biggest names in Australian cricket history. He is 2nd best run taker in Test history hi is under the Best Tendulkar. He takes 13378 runs on avg 51.58. Also, 2nd best centuries achiever. During his career, he racked up 41 centuries.

He was  3rd leading run-scorer in One Day International. Ricky got 13704 runs, including 30 hundred and 82 fifties. He also has the most ODI(262)  victories to his name.

Ponting was the most winning captain in the ODI world cup; he won a captain 26 matches out of 29 matches, winning a percent of 92.85. In the ICC world cup, he played 42 innings, scoring 1973 on avg 45+ with 5 centuries and 6 fifties.

In Ponting’s career, the biggest achievement was that he won 2 world cups as a captain in 2003 and 2007.

He was a great Captain and Batsman in all-time Aussies Cricket History. He returned from Test vs. South Africa on November 30, 2012. And from ODI vs. India on February 19, 2012, at Brisbane.

Top 5 number of cricket Australia
                                                                                                     Ricky Ponting


3. AR Border

Allan Border is the name of the cricket Australia he was a great batsman for team Australia. He was born on July 27, 1955.  Border comes into 3rd in the top 5 Australian Batsmen. Allan was a left-handed batsman and left-arm orthodox bowler. He debuted in Test vs. England at Melbourne cricket ground on December 29, 1978. He bated very well and achieved 11,174 runs in 156 matches and 265 innings on average 50.56. he gets 27 century (2 doubletons) and 63 fifties

Allan 6521 runs in 273 ODI international matches on average 30.63. His highest score in ODI was 127, and the Test’s highest score was 205 runs.



4. SR Waugh

Steven Rodger Waugh was a fantastic cricketer in the History of all-time cricket Australia team. On June 2, 1965, he was born at Centerburg, Sydney, New South Wales. His Test debuted vs. India at Melbourne Ground, Australia, on December 26, 1985. And ODI debuted vs. New Zealand at the same ground as Test debuted. On January 9, 1986. He has 10,927 runs in Tests on average 50.59 career-best 200. He also has 32 centuries (one doubleton) and 50 fifties in 168 matches and 260 innings. In Test, he takes 92 wickets with 3 times five-wicket Houle. On the other hand, he was also a great batsman in ODI matches; he did 7569 runs on average 32.62 in 325 ODI matches. His ODI career-best 120. He gets 3 centuries and 45 fifties in ODI. He served 16 years in Australian cricket—his great achievement in the 1987 ODI world cup.

Top 5 Australian Batsman



5. Michael Clarke

Michael Clarke was a modern Australian legend batsman and captain. He is a great cricketer in the modern Australian age. Then he was the best batsman in the world. His Test debut at M Chinnaswamy stadium, India, in October 2006. He played 115 tests (198 innings) in his career and earned 8643 runs with great 4 doubles, tons and, 28 centuries, 27 half-centuries. His career-best score was 329(468 Balls) * against India in Sydney on January 3, 2012.

In ODI international, he debuted vs. England at Adelaide Oval. January 19, 2003. And earned 7981 runs in 245 matches and 228 innings with 8 centuries and 58 fifties—his ODI career-best 130.

He also has a small T20 career, 488 runs in 34 matches on average 21.22

Clarke announced his retirement from one-day cricket at the 2015 ICC world cup conclusion. And all format in 2015 ashes.

It was all about the Top 5 Australian Batsman from most of the legends’ view.

top-5-australian-who was great and better
                                                                                                Michael Clarke

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